Digital commerce now commands a major portion of the retail market — and there’s no looking back. Online experiences are defining the entire buyer’s journey. Across industries, social media has emerged as the best-in-class eCommerce platform.

That’s because today’s consumers spend more time than ever on their mobile devices. Social platforms foster an interactive, social, and entertaining environment that encourages digital discovery and conversion on mobile.

Consumers want more opportunities to immerse themselves in the experience of shopping. As competition grows to capture the attention of mobile-first consumers, brands are turning to shoppable content like AR technology to set themselves apart.

In this guide, we explore the following:

  • What’s fueling the rise of digital commerce
  • How to reach consumers on mobile platforms
  • What today’s consumers already expect brands to offer
  • Why AR is most effective conversion medium on social media
  • How AR helps brands win in your industry